We are
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SILAN Productions

We create, develop, mantain and exploit websites with proprietary content

That's what drive us

We have a dream a mission: have fun while doing our bit to do this world a better place

Reinventing the meaning of www

For us must be win win win. And we thought everything would be better in the world if everyone did the same.

That's how we tried

We create websites

1 – About topics we like and master
2 – Useful for individual users
3 – With a global positive impact

That’s a triple win!

Independents. Free. Happy

SILAN is a independent producer

We are proud to say that we are a small and family company.

We finance ourselves our projects. That gives us the independence and freedom to choose what we do, how we do it and when we do it, governed exclusively by our self-exigence and our values. And that makes us happy. Very happy.

International vocation

We want to reach the most distant corners of the planet

We are excited to think that even in the most remote place in the world someone can enjoy and benefit from our contents

As our self-financing capacity allows us we will translate our content into new languages.

Reputation and authority

Trusted showcase

Creating useful, quality, honest and branded content we hope to win not only the confidence of our users but also potential advertisers and sponsors to make economically sustainable every SILAN’s websites.

Slowly but surely. We believe in growing organically to make SILAN a strong and long-lasting project

Since Dec 2022

Just launched

At the beginning of 2022, conditions were finally created for us to start turning into projects the ideas that have been bubbling in our heads for many years.

We launch our first website in december 2022.

We still have a lot of work ahead of us and looks forward to have fun doing it.

Our work

SILAN's websites

Launched on 22 december 2022

LOODENS brings game ideas for people who love playing offline and unplugged games whith their friends and family.

We have collected, ordered and labeled dozens of games and explain in a brief, clear and precise way how to play each one of them.


Launched on 2 march 2024

BRICOGUÍAS is a website dedicated to DIY home improvement, which motivates and assists individuals in making small improvements to their homes, as well as in creating personal projects to make their houses more comfortable, attractive, functional, and energy-efficient.

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