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I photographed this flower that I picked in our garden in February 2022. The jasmine flower and its spectacular scent are a family seal and the ideal logo for SILAN, which really is a family business.

About SILAN. About me.

About us

I’m Francisco Cruz, founding partner and CEO of SILAN Productions.

I am a restless person who enjoys learning, creating, innovating and leaving his personal trace in each of his projects.

SILAN is a personal project that I start in October 2022, an exciting project which I am convinced that it will give me the greatest professional satisfaction of my life.

That’s me… in 2014. Currently I have some more wrinkles and much more gray (or white…) hair and beard. When I get some time I will change this photo for an update 😉

About me

I was born in Barcelona in 1972.

I trained as a telecommunications engineer at ETSETB (Barcelona) although long before I finished my degree I knew that my destiny was not going to be to work as an engineer.

My way of being and understanding life did not match the labor and ethical standards of consulting firms and large corporations that 99% of graduates at that time went to. What did I do then? What an entrepreneurial-minded person does: I traced my own path, I created my own business.

My professional career

In 1999 I founded EPSILON Formación, an academy for telecommunications engineering students that has been a large part of my life over the last 23 years.

In EPSILON I have developed as a professional in multiple facets and I am proud of having been able to turn my company into undisputed leader in its sector -without even competition in the last decade- and to do so without forgetting or neglecting my personal life and family.

And how does all this work experience relate to SILAN? None and all.

None if we look at the sectors of each business: teaching on the one hand and exploitation of web projects on the other.

All if we consider that in EPSILON besides teacher and CEO, I also enjoyed being responsible for the web of the academy (architecture, layout, design, copying, programming, maintenance…) and advertising campaigns (strategy, slogans, graphic design, media…) all along those 23 years. And that’s a lot of experience with contrasting results.

If we add to these two competencies -web design and marketing- how I like writing we already have the three ingredients necessary to generate SILAN products: websites of own content that we exploit economically in different ways, including advertising.

Super team

While it is true that I am and I like to be a fullstack at all levels I have a small but powerful team around me that helps me, complements me, tucks me in and provides me.

An essential part of this team is my wife and children, undoubtedly the most important thing in my life and one of the major reasons why SILAN was born. That’s why I like to say that SILAN is a proud small family business.

Why SILAN ? Why now?

Because between 2020 and 2022 many things have happened to me, both professionally and personally: long-term economic objectives achieved, new and better family situation, new personal situation, new internal situation in EPSILON, opening of new opportunities…

And all this variables point in the same direction: the time has come to give a blow of helm to my life, to create something new, to materialize new businesses, projects and ideas that have been bubbling in my head for many years. And SILAN is the first.

I’m going to make my way again and I’m going to have a lot of fun doing it.

Thank you for reading so far. Have a nice day. Enjoy life!

Barcelona, 20 October 2022

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