"The SILAN's code"


SILAN is governed by an internal code that our team sympathetically calls “The SILAN’s code”.

“The SILAN’s code” – 1


Create only positive impact projects that improve, in some way, the lives of their users and the people around them.

All projects must in turn comply with and transmit the values of the SILAN Code.

“The SILAN’s code” – 2


Perfection is unattainable, there is always room for improvement, but pursuing it helps us to give the best of ourselves.
Do not launch projects until we are proud of them both for the quality of their content and their design.

We are not in a hurry. To do it wrong we prefer not to do it.

“The SILAN’s code” – 3


"Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing else to add, but when there is nothing left to remove."
Antoine de Saint-Exupery
Writer and aviator.

Always keep that idea in mind when designing, structuring the content and writing all the texts of our websites.

Make it easy !

“The SILAN’s code” – 4


Create original content with your own personality. Accept the challenge of getting it as an extra motivation.

It’s okay to be inspired by the best but not “copy and paste” here and there and then retouch a little so that it doesn’t show.

“The SILAN’s code” – 5


– WITH OURSELVES: create only projects that make us feel good, that allow us to have fun in the process, that conform to our values, or better yet, that transmit them.


– WITH OUR USERS: zero deceptions, zero half truths, zero traps, zero smoke sales, zero quackery. Never promote on our websites any product or service that is not of quality, honest and positive impact.

The best way to earn users’ trust is to always be honest with them

“The SILAN’s code” – 6


Committed to earth, environment and nature both personally and professionally.

Personally: using sustainable transport, minimising energy and water consumption, and turning RRR into a habit

Professionally: choosing suppliers and partners also committed to the environment in one way or another.

RRR = Reduce > Reuse > Recycle.

“The SILAN’s code” – 7


Respecting all homo sapiens on the planet regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, opinions, tastes, religious beliefs… or any other aspect that simply differentiates us from each other but does not make us better or worse.

Equality, inclusion, respect

“The SILAN’s code” – 8

Real better than virtual

Encourage everyone to lift the faces of the screens, to make good use of social networks, to stop being slaves of notifications… in short, to live a quieter, more natural, more REAL life.

We are in favour of ditigal progress and new technologies that improve life and serve people. We say NO to otherwise.

“The SILAN’s code” – 9


No blackhat SEO, no spamming, no cheating in SILAN’s projects.
We work SEO and use digital marketing techniques, but always following recommendations from institutions and corporations that protect users.

Cheating = food for today, hunger for tomorrow

These values make us feel good, calm, happy and proud.

We do our best to implement them in each of our projects.

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